Every Light in the House

We purchased our home in December of 2018, actually closing on my sons birthday. From the first moment I saw the house in person, until the day we closed ended up being 34 days. The longest 34 days of my life. I owe the fast turn around and the fun of buying a new house to Veterans United who worked with us and made buying our dream house possible. If you’re a veteran, and looking to use your benefits… they are my TOP recommendation.

While our house was completely remodeled when we bought it, I knew there were projects I wanted to do, and making the house a little smarter was on that list. Since it came complete with LG smart appliances (minus the washer/dryer), and since I’d already had both Google minis and the Alexa Dots… start-up costs for going “smarter” were smaller. If I was buying my own appliances, I’d have upgraded to a very much smart fridge. That Samsung fridge stole my heart the first time I walked into Lowe’s and saw it. But there was no way I was going to convince anyone that I needed it when a brand new frig was already sitting in the house. So…here we are.

Smart Big Items:
LG Smart Fridge
LG Smart Dishwasher
Samsung Smart TV

I really see nothing special about the LG smart line I have. The dishwasher tells me when it’s done…but it’s not like anyone is going to unload it until I show up to do it. And the fridge, it’s not impressive to me.

The TV… We canceled our cable TV box service, and have Spectrum (against my will but someone needs the weather channel) Streaming, YouTube TV, Netflix, 2 Roku devices, 3 Chromecast, and I think somehow I have ESPN the package. While we have 5 TV’s only two are smart- a Roku TV and the Samsung. My next purchase will be another Roku TV.

My whole network is powered by a Meraki MX64, a 8 port POE switch, and a Meraki AP for wireless. Since they are business class, I have a little more control over my network. This comes in handy since I also work from home often. A promo provided the equipment at not cost. I love free.

Smaller Smart Items:

Ring Doorbell
Blink Cam
Wyze Cam (absolutely the best)
Light Bulbs, Outlet Plugs, Outlets, Switches (Ill break these down later)